How Hungry Are You


You have been watching your diet for years by now, and you feel pretty confident that you’re eating very well for your own health.  But what I can tell you, that as soon as you think you know something, life laughs in your face and all of a sudden new information comes in that makes you doubt everything.  Don’t be distressed!  If we learned everything we need by age 20, there would not much for us to be doing for the next 80 or so years.  So please pay attention to the surprise, the anomalies, the new information – that’s how paradigm shifts happen, and fortunately none of us are immune to them.

Here is probably some new information for you.  The research that this is based on was carried out in the 1950’s.  It would not be approved today, for obvious reasons.  That doesn’t make it any less interesting, especially for all of us foodies.  If you are on a diet or restrictive eating regime, for any reason, please review the following list of symptoms and check those that apply to you.

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