5 Core Principles Of Promoting Health And Wellness Within A Landscaping Design

5 Core Principles Of Promoting Health And Wellness Within A Landscaping Design

Whenever a new landscaping design has to be created, there are multiple ways it can be done. Many will be created within the restrictions in place due to a small budget. According to Sydney Landscapers, Intreeg Landscapes, On other projects, landscapers will be given a license to create just about anything due to an unlimited budget, and others will be based upon a specific concept that has to be manifest throughout the landscaping design.

Another basis upon which a landscaping design might be founded is the desire to create a garden that promotes health and wellness. On a practical level, this might be due to physical restrictions of the person whose garden it will be and on occasion, there may also be features designed to maximise the experience of being in that garden for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

However, if the landscaping design is not for any specific ailment or health issue, but instead to create and generate a sense or a spirit of wellbeing, then there are several ways this can be achieved. If you read on you will discover five landscaping design principles that should be followed to create a garden whose design has wellness at its core.

Ensure The Garden Engages All The Senses: You will be aware that a well-designed landscape garden is a sight to behold but it is more than your vision that a landscaping design should seek to stimulate. By including several elements which produce fragrances to be smelled, sounds to be heard, healthy fruit and vegetables to be tasted, and contrasting surfaces for you to touch, you are creating a garden that has sensory stimulation as a core component.

Create Routes Which Promote Discovery And Wonder: One of the ways your landscaping design promotes wellness is by stimulation thought, wonder and discovery in your mind and in the minds of others who use and visit your garden. One of the main ways to achieve this is by including paths and walkways which allow everyone to see as much of your garden as possible and which include focal points where they can pay even greater attention to the beauty around them.

Use Colour To Its Fullest: The inclusion within your landscaping design of multiple colours around your garden can genuinely have a calming effect on the minds of those who see them. In particular, try to include as many purples, blues, and pinks as you can as these are especially known to have a relaxing effect when viewed.

Include A Quiet Space: If you have a sufficiently large garden, then we highly recommend that your landscaping design incorporates a quiet area within it. This can be an area within your garden that is secluded and where you and others can go to relax, do yoga, or meditate, all of which are known to calm and relax our minds and as you may know, a calm and stress-free mind is key to mental and physical wellbeing.

Invite Wildlife Into The Garden: Whilst being immersed in Mother Nature’s beauty within your garden is healthy for you, you can take this a stage further by including ways to encourage wildlife into your garden, Examples include water features where they can get a drink or food tables. Sitting and watching birds and other small creatures sharing your garden is hugely beneficial to your mindset.