7 Reasons Why Dogs Get Dry Skin Dandruff And How To Treat It

7 Reasons Why Dogs Get Dry Skin Dandruff And How To Treat It

One of the things that a visit to a dog grooming service will often highlight is that the dog in question is suffering from dry skin and dandruff. Just as dandruff can be an annoyance to humans, which doubtless accounts for the number of anti-dandruff shampoos which are advertised, dandruff is also a problem for dogs and one which they rely on their owners to resolve for them.

What Causes Dry Skin?

Dry skin and the dandruff which can follow, will occur for several reasons, and the seven most common are outlined below.

  • Skin Infections: Fungal and bacterial skin infections are the primary reason why your dog might suffer from dry skin and dandruff. These infections can make their skin scaly and flaky, and this occurs especially in the folds of their skin. This can also be accompanied by unpleasant skin odours. In the worst cases, you might see evidence of bleeding, pus, and fur loss.
  • Changes in Weather: Although there is much in the news about climate change, we are not suggesting that it is responsible for your dog’s dandruff. However, when the local weather is changeable it can affect your dog’s skin, especially in extremes of hot and cold weather which can cause dry skin and itchiness.