10 Training Tips for People Serious about Exercising

Exercising tips

Many people are really serious about training properly so their bodies are in top shape all the time. Others just want to lose a bit of weight or to sculpt some part of their body so it looks firmer. That’s okay too; having some kind of goal, such as running a marathon or losing 5 kilos, is important and helps you to focus. Here are some training tips and strategies to help anyone achieve their best during training.

  • When you are serious about training, you’ll be doing it most days. That means your body needs more fuel. It is far better to eat 5 small meals a day than 3 larger ones. Make sure every mouthful is nutrient dense. When you eat your metabolism is stimulated.
  • Stay hydrated because you’ll be sweating hard during training. Some fitness experts recommend drinking a glass of ice cold water first thing in the morning as it boosts your metabolism for 90 minutes.
  • Lower body resistance training is needed to flatten your waistline. You also need to eat fewer carbs and calories.
  • To burn stored body fat you need to exercise past the 20 minute mark, because during that first 20 minutes your body burns carbohydrates rather than stored fats for its fuel.
  • If the scales don’t show a decrease in weight over several weeks it’s probably because you are gaining muscle as well as losing weight. Get a more accurate picture by taking photos of the back, front and side of your body so you can see how it’s changing. Make sure to wear the same clothing and be in the same light conditions each week.

  • Our bodies tend to adapt to what we are doing, so it’s a good idea to change the things you do for training once you start to notice diminishing gains. Change can be as simple as exercising at a different time, changing your tempo, or your repetitions/sets.
  • Take care to avoid injury by warming up and warming down. If you are injured, you’ll be sitting on the sidelines for weeks.
  • Have cold showers rather than sauna time after your workout. Saunas tend to impair performance and strength.
  • Need more motivation? Watch your dominant hand while you work-out pushing up weights. It is stronger and you’ll get a more positive vibe.
  • Fighting fatigue is important. Beet juice is said to increase stamina by around 16%, while listening to your favourite music is important too. But don’t choose a slow song; one that is brisk and lively will pep you up more.

Remember too, if you train a lot you need to take time for rest and recovery or you’ll be doing damage to your body that is difficult to recover from.