How Financial Planning Can Help Carers

Financial Planning

There are many unsung heroes in the world and those who care for an ill spouse or disabled child are high on the list. The only trouble is that according to statistics, carers are under such stress from what is often a 24/7 job that they end up dying ahead of those they care for. Financial planning with good advice from a financial advisor like Andep can really help these wonderful people stay the course so they are on hand to care for their loved one right till the end – something they would really want to do.

A financial planner or advisor is needed to help carers plan their daily budget as well as making plans for the future to ensure their loved one is taken care of if they are not there to do it.  Once the stress of financial matters is taken care of, the carer will be less likely to suffer from a stress-related disease that could be fatal.

With enough money coming in from a superior financial plan, the carer can

  • Afford to take regular time off to take care of their own needs and health.
  • Place their loved one in respite care more often so they can get a much needed break.
  • Pay a nurse to look after them while they take a break for a few hours or days.
  • Employ a night nurse so they can get a good night’s sleep. This too, will help to keep them healthier.
  • Hire or buy special equipment to help them care for their loved one, such as lifting equipment to get them in and out of bed.
  • They could purchase a wheelchair to help move them from place to place.
  • Purchase breathing apparatus

They may even be able to afford a special car that will allow a wheelchair bound passenger access from a ramp at the back, so the carer and their loved one can get out and about to social events or to a park or beach for a change of scenery. This can be a great help to keep both people healthy and in good spirits.

With this kind of help from their financial plan, the carer is much more likely to have better health and so to live longer than their loved one. They will both have a much better quality of life and be more independent when they have the things they need to help with the difficult task of caring for another person.

Since the carer is often just as old as the person needing care and often almost as frail, having mechanical aids is important in order to be able to do the job at all.  But having support from other people is also essential in order to care for a frail aged person or one with dementia.