Top Tips On What To Eat When You Are Training

What To Eat

Training requires fuel, but it has to be the right kind of fuel or all that exercising will be wasted as you pile on the weight. When you eat properly before training it gives you more stamina to get through all those workouts. When you eat properly afterwards, it helps your body recover well so you can keep on with your training goals.

Here are some experts tips on what to eat when training.


  • Before – Simple and complex carbohydrates are essential for giving your body the fuel it needs to go through your training regime. It’s important that the energy is released in a slow and steady way during the whole routine. Whole wheat toast with banana and cinnamon is a good way to get what you need. The toast provides long term energy and the fruit will replenish the potassium lost when you sweat. Cinnamon is said to stabilise blood sugar as well as improve brain function.
  • After– try chicken with mixed vegetables in olive oil. This gives you lean protein and carbs without making you feel bloated.

Long runs

  • Before – try Greek yoghurt that is easy to digest and a trail mix that is mostly dried fruit and nuts, with no added chocolate. Limit the nuts and seeds as they are harder to digest and could make you feel sluggish once you start sweating.
  • After – try a vegetable omelette with Avocado. The eggs will give you protein in an easy to digest form that helps to build muscle. The avocado has mono-unsaturated fats and will help you digest vitamins A, D, E and K that are fat soluble.

The gym

  • Before – a smoothie made with milk, yoghurt and fruit will give you all the protein you need. If you want a thicker consistency, add some granola. Oats with fruit is also good.
  • After – salmon with sweet potatoes. Salmon has protein, bioactive peptides and small protein molecules that help to reduce inflammation. It will also help to regulate insulin levels while offering joint support. Complex carbs are found in the sweet potatoes.

Notice the trend here? Before you exercise eat light and easy to digest snacks that release energy slowly over time, along with fruit for quick energy. After the workout you need to eat differently to replenish your fuel supplies so that your body can recover well. Therefore, something more nourishing that includes meat or a high protein substitute and vegetables of various kinds to provide all the vitamins and minerals you need.

Don’t forget to also hydrate your body before and after with water, especially on a long run. Being outside, you are likely to sweat more if it’s hot.