Why Banana Makes an Excellent Hair Care Product

Hair Care

Everyone knows that bananas are one of the most popular fruits on the planet, and are also one of the most delicious, but did you know they make an excellent natural hair care product as well?

Natural skin care and hair care guru this is because they are packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, it was only a matter of time before someone was going to say: hey, maybe we could put this fruit in our hair? That time is now, and here’s why it could be something for you to consider.


If your hair is feeling a bit lacklustre, your first thought may be to reach for a chemical-laden product. Instead, why not try a natural hair care product – or, something out of your fruit bowl? Bananas feature plenty of folic acid, which helps to make your hair shiny, hydrated, and moisturised. What’s more, because of the high levels of potassium, they also improve your hair’s overall health.


Soft hair is something everyone aspires to have. However, some people have to work hard for it by using natural hair care shampoo and conditioner, as well as other tips and tricks from professionals. What if it were as easy as grabbing a banana from your fruit bowl and coconut milk and avocado from the fridge?

If you mix one banana with an avocado and some coconut milk, you can use it as a shampoo solution for 20 minutes. Once you wash it out, all that beautiful natural hair colouring will shine through, leaving your hair feeling soft and looking luscious.


If even slightly pulling on your hair causes it to snap or split, then it’s clear to see you have weak hair. Many things can create weak hair, but you can rest assured that natural hair care solutions are available. One practical solution is the use of banana and yoghurt together. It might seem like more of a breakfast treat, but it’s equally as beneficial for your hair as it is for your stomach.

Mix one banana with some yoghurt until you form a paste. Apply it to your scalp and wash it out after a quarter of an hour.


Do you suffer from dry hair that nothing seems to fix? Then consider natural hair care solutions such as banana with almond oil. By mixing a few drops of almond oil with bananas, your hair follicles benefit from vitamin A, C, and E which help to make it feel soft, moisturised, silky, and shiny.

Banana is an exceptionally versatile fruit. You can eat it on its own, in a salad, in a cake, and now, not at all. Include it into your natural hair care regime and reap the rewards of soft, smooth, and hydrated hair.