10 Ways To Ensure You Are Hiring Commercial Carpet Cleaning Professionals

10 Ways To Ensure You Are Hiring Commercial Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Given the significant cost of replacing commercial carpets, especially in larger business premises such as a suite of offices, the need to care for and maintain commercial carpets properly, is key to prolonging their lifespan. There are lots of ways this can be done, but the most effective is to hire professional commercial carpet cleaners.

By doing so, you will have experts in carpet care who can not only keep your carpets looking great for longer, but can also ensure that the lifespan of your commercial carpets is maximised. This all sounds good, but there is one huge caveat. That is you must ensure that the commercial cleaning company you employ, are genuine professionals.

Given the huge demand for commercial carpet cleaning, there will be lots of companies vying for your custom, and as there is with any service industry, there are going to be the great, the good, the average and unfortunately the downright useless when it comes to individual carpet cleaning companies.

So, let us provide you with 10 simple ways you can ensure that the commercial carpet cleaning team you are hiring are genuine professionals and are going to provide you with exceptional service.

Do They Have Testimonials/Reviews?

Something you should look for with any company is their reviews and testimonials. These can be found on their website, social media and review websites like Trustpilot.

Are They Recommended By Others?

Ask around your business associates and others who may have used commercial carpet cleaners in the past if they used any of the companies you are considering. If so, ask would they recommend them.

Do They Have A Professional Website?

Maybe not a deal-breaker if they do not,  but it is always a good sign if a business has taken the time and effort to have a professionally designed website to represent them online, especially if it provides excellent information and is user friendly.

Do They Have Any Professional Accreditations Or Certifications?

It is always a huge plus if any carpet cleaning company you wish to hire has professional accreditations or certificates of achievement from within their industry.

Is There A Live Person You Can Speak To?

Be wary of any company that does not have a real person you can speak to. The questions would be why not, and what have they go to hide?

Do They Properly Explain Their Full Range Of Services?

The more a commercial carpet cleaning company is willing to outline and advise upon their entire range of services, the more professional and trustworthy they are likely to be.

Do They Provide A Written Quotation?

Avoid any carpet cleaning companies giving only verbal quotes. Any professional business will always be willing to outline its prices and provide a detailed written quotation for each potential client.

Is The Price Fixed With No Hidden Extras?

Included with the quotation you want a guarantee that there are no hidden extras or fees. A professional carpet cleaner will give you that guarantee.

Do They Arrange A Site Visit?

The best carpet cleaning professionals will always arrange a site survey to ensure they are quoting their fees accurately and so that they can plan properly for the work that follows.

Do They Offer Service Guarantees?

Last, but certainly not least, you need to ensure that the commercial carpet cleaning company you are hiring offers a guarantee for the work they do and follow-ups if any carpet cleaning service issues need to be resolved.