5 Foods you should Eat Everyday


There has been an old saying that “what you are is what you eat”. This statement is partially true with research supporting this fact. There has been research in the field to check the personality along with the food intake of a person. There is evidence of food that help you improve your stress, help memory as well as aid you in your sleep. That is why there is a need to choose the foodstuffs you need in your dietary plan. In this section we will take a look at some of the most essential foods for your diets.

5 Essential foods:

Water: A huge proportion of our bodies consist of water which is surprising. This is the why you need to replenish your body with water every time your water levels run down. Make sure that you include your diet with foods that provide you with enough water to help you sustain your health. Men should drink around 3 liters of water and women should consume around 2.2 liters of water in their diets. It is not necessary to drink only water but fluids that contain a good percentage of water which can be extracted into the body.

Green Leafy vegetables:Make sure to choose vegetables in your diet which have a high percentage of calcium, magnesium and fiber. These vegetables will help you in maintaining a good cardiac response, proper blood circulation and sugar levels. These fibrous foods will also help you in decreasing the body fat. These zero calorie foods are an essential component for your diet which you need to take care of fighting various illnesses. These leafy vegetables will also contain antioxidants. These will help you regenerate your body tissues in your body.

Fresh vs Processed: It is always better to choose fresh foods over processed foods. Fresh foods help retain all the flavors as well as the nutrients in the body. Most of the processed foods are stored in cans by using preservatives such as sodium which in excess can cause hypertension among people. Fresh foods are the best choice over processed foods.

Nuts: Nuts are one of the foods that help in regulating protein and magnesium in the body that will help your cells regenerate. They also contain polyphenols which maintains proper cardiac functions. They are also good sources of protein, fiber, monosaturated fats as well as antioxidants that will help you maintain all your body processes. But always be careful with nuts and never use them in excess since they contain high amounts of fats which can prove dangerous to your body.

Flaxseed: These are some of the most powerful plant foods you can consume on this planet. They have high amounts of Omega-3s which has evidence of reducing the probabilities of heart attacks, cancer and stroke along with diabetes. Some of the most important vitamins and essential components are fatty acids, fiber as well as antioxidant lignans.

These are some of the most vital foods that you need to consume in your diet for proper functioning of your body processes. These foods should be regulated into your body system in proper dosages. Make sure that you consult a doctor before choosing these food stuffs since you need to check for any allergies.