Why Is Breakfast Considered The Most Important Meal Of The Day?


Out of all the big and mini meals we consume on a daily basis, breakfast is considered to be the most important of them.

It was in the 13th century that the word, ‘breakfast’ came into existence. It was essentially introduced after the verb form of ‘breakfasting’ and ‘breakfasted,’ and it was called that because it would be the first meal after fasting since the previous evening’s meal.

Not only does breakfast kick – start your metabolism but also energizes your body to get things done all throughout the day. One tends to achieve a better focus, and several studies have even linked consuming healthy breakfast to the key of preventing heart diseases and another body – related diseases.

It is as simple as this when you wake up; your body requires blood sugar to push your brain and muscles to function properly. Moreover, if you skip breakfast, then you are more likely to over – eat later in the day.

Following given are some of the benefits of having healthy and timely breakfast:

  1. Proper Breakfast Allows Adequate Body functioning

When you sleep for 8 to 10 hours, your body’s glucose levels tend to decrease. Breakfast is a way of restoring glucose levels in your body. Greater glucose levels improve memory and concentration levels by making the brain healthier. It keeps us happier and stress-free at most times.

  1. Regular and Timely Breakfast Provides Energy

The body needs energy according to the kind of activities that are expected to be performed on the day that is to follow. Due to several characteristics, men tend to require more energy than women. Since children are always so full of activity, they require a lot of energy as well. One needs to organize a well – balanced diet and consume the important proteins and nutrients while having breakfast.

  1. A Breakfast Offers Long Term Internal Health

Having a hearty breakfast on time can reduce the chances of obesity, heart – related diseases and diabetes too. It can be really difficult to keep a count on calories all throughout the day. However, skipping breakfast will do more harm than good.

  1. Breakfast Every Morning Improves Your BMR

Metabolism can be understood as the rate at which one’s body processes the food that he/she consumes into energy that the body can use. One of the greatest necessities while losing weight is through increasing one’s metabolic rate. Having breakfast on a fixed time helps you improve your metabolism rate. Your body will eventually need energy to burn the calories you gain and what better than starting a day with a healthy breakfast?

  1. Regular Breakfast Enhances Weight Loss

If you are the kind who thinks that skipping breakfast will help you lose weight, then you’re wrong. In fact, skipping breakfast not only makes the exercise harder but also causes weight gain. What tends to take place is that when you initially skip breakfast, you happen to feel hungrier all throughout the day.  This leads to unnecessary over – eating of any junk that comes your way.


It is a proven fact that breakfast provides numerous benefits to our health and well-being. It is important that we prioritize our food intake while having breakfast especially given how our entire day pretty much depends on it!