How Are Your Stress Levels?

Stress Levels

Most health care professionals now agree that stress has a large part to play in many diseases from the common cold to diseases that are major and can be fatal. When a person has a lot of bad stress in their life, their immune system often gets worn out, or cannot work the way it should to protect them from such diseases. This makes their body far more likely to become a victim of things like heart disease, ulcers, digestive problems and many other enemies of health.

It is well-known also that having a pet can reduce stress levels to the extent that people even live longer when they have a pet to love and care for. Of course, not everyone can have a pet for various reasons. If you are at work all day, leaving a pet alone in the house or chained up in the back yard is cruel. Then there are people who suffer allergies to pet hair and dander, making de-stressing with a pet impossible. So what can you do?

One way to ensure your stress levels don’t get out of hand is to create a quiet place in the back garden or even in the home where you can relax. It should be a private place where there will be minimum noise and interruptions. You can do this by creating an outdoor space using comfortable outdoor furniture that is easy to relax on. Much outdoor furniture is not all that comfortable, so make sure you test it out before purchasing. Back support is important and you may need to have additional cushions, otherwise you won’t want to sit there for long.

Your outdoor haven needs to have sun for cool days and shade for hot days as well as shelter from cold wind. This will ensure you can use it for most of the year.  You’ll need comfy chairs or a chaise if you want to lay back and put your feet up. A small table to hold such things as drinks or books will also be a good addition.

Part of de-stressing can be having fun together with your family, so creating an outdoor space where everyone can gather and enjoy alfresco meals may be top priority for you.  Again, make a space with the most convenience, such as being close to the house for taking food in and out, or even making a space that can be used for outdoor cooking if you love barbecues.

A fire-pit is a great addition to an outdoor family space. There is something about gathering around an actual fire in the darkness that makes for a happy, intimate family time where there is much fun and laughter. Your stress levels are sure to plummet when you take time to use such a pleasant outdoor setting.