Ways You Could be Saving Water

ways to save water

The global population wastes trillions of litres of water every year, and much of this waste goes unnoticed. It’s not until we view water as a limited resource that requires us to focus on sustainability that we realise how much of it we waste.

Think about your five-minute shower. You could be wasting around 70 litres of water just by staying in there a little bit longer than necessary. It’s time to focus on sustainability and sensible water usage, and here’s how.

Shorten Your Showers

While you might feel that you need to wait until you’ve finished singing your favourite song in the shower before you hop out, it’s best that you don’t. Save the encore for when you’re getting dressed.

Your shower is the third-largest water consumer after washing machines and toilets, and it’s wasting more water than necessary. Have shorter showers and do your part for water conservation.

Use Rain Water for Gardens

You might think nothing of turning on your garden hose and sprinkling your plants, but is it necessary? Think about other ways of ensuring your plants get all the nutrients they need. Instead of using your town supply water, invest in a rain barrel. Collect water from rainfall and your roof and use this as your garden water source.

Fix Leaks and Drips

A dripping tap is not only annoying, but it can be costly. It can contribute to water sustainability problems while also increasing your water bill if applicable in your area. Call in the plumber to take care of any leaks, drips, or potential issues that could cause your household to waste more water than it needs.

Turn Off the Tap for Teeth Brushing and Shaving

Many people leave the tap running when they are brushing their teeth and shaving their face. After all, it saves the hassle of having to turn it off and on for each rinse. Such water wastage is unnecessary, especially when there are other options. Fill a cup with water and dip your toothbrush into it. You can also use the remaining water in your cup to rinse your mouth.

Water During Cool Temperatures

In dry conditions, gardens and lawns can suffer. It can be tempting to leave your sprinklers on all day, every day, but it’s not the best approach for sustainability. Water your lawns when it needs it, and only during the coldest parts of the day. You can also plant drought-resistant plants that require less water, as well.

You may not realise how much sustainability matters when it comes to water, but it’s a finite resource. Identify your water management at the moment and think about if there are any changes you could make. Could you take shorter showers? Could you set up rain barrels? Could you fix those pesky tap leaks you’ve been putting up with forever? Small changes can add up to thousands of litres of water saved, and even lower water bills in your household as a result.