7 Options For Removing Red Wine Spillages From Your Carpet

7 Options For Removing Red Wine Spillages From Your Carpet

There are some stain types that you will find mentioned in many articles about carpet cleaning and couch cleaning perth, and some that are less common. If you ask professional carpet cleaners what stains they get asked to advise on and to remove, they will certainly have stains that they are more frequently contacted about than others.

We are sure that one such stain which is far more common than others is red wine. Whilst tea, coffee, paint, and nail varnish will frequently be the cause of the problem, it is red wine that seems to cause the most consternation amongst homeowners when it gets spilled on their carpet, and worse, it dries and stains the carpet.

Even if you are not a lover of red wine yourself, we are sure that when you invite guests for a meal or party, red wine will be on the drinks list. Whether the occasion is a quiet meal or a noisy party with dancing and games, the risk of red wine being spilt is present. So, if the worst happens and red wine does get spilled on your carpets and the stain needs removing, what can you do? Read on, and you will discover no fewer than seven ways to remedy the problem.

Option #1 – Blotting: Unless you are extremely quick and we dare say, lucky, blotting alone will not completely remove red wine from your carpet, however, it can go a long way to minimising the size and severity of the stain. In most cases, it will be part of the overall carpet cleaning process as it removes excess red wine thus reducing the effort required to remove the remainder of the stain.

Option #2 – Vinegar: You would be amazed at how many uses vinegar can be put to, and as you might have surmised, removing red wine stains is one of them. After blotting, mix 1 tablespoon of dish soap, 2 cups of water, and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Pour this solution onto a clean cloth and dab the carpet to remove the red wine. When the stain has gone, dab once more using a dry cloth.

Option #3 – Hydrogen Peroxide: This has to be used carefully as it can cause discolouration. For this reason, you should test it on an out-of-the-way piece of carpet first. If it does not discolour then add 2 parts hydrogen peroxide to 2 parts dish soap, apply to the wine stain, blot the area, and repeat until the stain has completely disappeared.

Option #4 – Salt: We have used vinegar so we might as well use salt too. Blot first, then sprinkle table salt across the entire area which has been stained by the red wine. After waiting for 3 minutes, pour some cold water over the area, blot once more, and then dry using a towel. The final step is to vacuum the area to remove any remaining salt from the carpet fibres.

Option #5 – Club Soda: We know white wine and soda go well together, but when it comes to cleaning red wine stains, it is also desirable. After blotting, pour the club soda onto the stain, allowing it to soak into the carpet. In many cases, you will see the stain disappear before your eyes. When it has gone, blot the area and dry. For stubborn red wine stains, you may have to repeat the cleaning process.

Option #6 – White Wine: You might find it hard to believe that we are going to suggest removing red wine stains by adding more wine but believe us when we say this does work. Pour some white wine onto the stain, start blotting using a damp cloth, and then dry by dabbing with a towel.

Option #7 – Call Carpet Cleaning Professionals: If all else fails, if the stain is especially stubborn, or you simply want to ensure that your carpet is rid of red wine stains in the most effective way, then our final and top recommendation is to call a local carpet cleaning company to ask them to do it for you.