Ways to Quickly Refuse an Alcoholic Drink in Public


If you are on the road to sobriety, maybe you have had a stay at a drug rehabilitation facility such as Sivana Rehab and you will find that there are many social pressures along the way. Drinking has become an activity that is done for fun, to entertain, and more. Unfortunately, just because you are on your path to becoming sober, the world around you does not stop or end the pressure.

When you are out in public, you will find that you are offered drinks from time to time and you need to fight the urge to have one. If you are faced with a situation where the pressure is on, utilise one of the ways below to quickly squash the pressure and continue down the right path.

  1. Mocktails Are Your Friend

If you are in a social situation where your friends are drinking, do not be afraid to drink a mocktail. This is also what most drug rehab centers suggest. But, wait, what is a mocktail? It is a non-alcoholic version of a cocktail. When you order one, consider ordering your favourite juice or combination of juice with some carbonated or bubbly water. You will feel like you are part of the crowd without actually having any alcohol.

  1. Focus on a Different Subject

When presented with a drink or asked why you are not drinking, don’t hesitate to change the subject and move on to something else. Simply switch over to something that has been on your mind or start telling a story to take the focus off of the alcoholic drink.

If you find that the pressure is brought back to life once you have finished telling your story or once the conversation is up, simply say, “No, I do not want to drink and would prefer not to discuss why.” Don’t be afraid to simply be assertive and persistent with your answer.

  1. Become the Lucky Designated Driver

One way to keep yourself from being offered any alcoholic drinks is to sign up to be the designated driver or DD. No one wants their DD to be drunk, so it is unlikely that anyone will offer you a drink when you have taken on this title.

There are some pluses to being the DD. In fact, many bars and restaurants will provide you with free soda or even a free snack because you have taken on the role of responsibility.

  1. You’re Saving Money for a Trip or Special Item

Alcohol is expensive and now that you have decided to walk down the path to sobriety, you have probably learned how much you have spent on alcohol over the years. If someone asks you to have a drink, simply say no and let them know that you are saving money for a special trip or a special item you want to purchase. Whether or not you actually are saving money is only your business.

  1. You Don’t Drink

Yeah, yeah, right? You have probably heard someone say this a time or two before, but can you honestly say you kept pressuring them? If someone offers you a drink, simply tell them you do not drink. This type of an answer is always almost a definite no and people will back off when you say it. If it doesn’t work for you or you are with friends who knew you used to drink, don’t be afraid to let them know you are in recovery and do not want to relapse.

If you are having a hard time out in social situations, you are not alone. Peer pressure is difficult and can quickly consume you back into the world you just left. The above things to say will help you politely and firmly tell others that you are not interested in drinking.