High Calorie-Burning Exercises You Need to Try

Calorie-Burning Exercises

As you finish off the final chocolate biscuit in the packet, it suddenly dawns on you that you now have to exercise for hours to work them off. After all, if you don’t, that adage may come true: a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips! However, if you choose the right exercises such as BodyCombat, you may be able to benefit from a far more rewarding calorie-burning experience. Here are some of the best exercises for burning off calories.


BodyCombat is a high-intensity group fitness class that you can either do with other people or in the comfort of your home. Not only does it push you to your limit by involving many martial arts-inspired exercises, but it enables you to burn up to 740 calories in one session! These sessions run for 30, 45, and 55 minutes – all of which will prove to be one of the best cardio workouts you’ve ever experienced.


Sprinting in intervals can prove to be quite beneficial in the realm of calorie burning, even if it’s not as social as BodyCombat and other group fitness classes. Sprinting can help you to burn around 460 calories in as little as 30 minutes, with two minutes of sprinting then one minute of recovery. What’s more, it’s the pacing that really provides all the benefits. You don’t have to run continuously to work off all those cakes and treats!


Once again, swimming isn’t as social as a group fitness class such as BodyCombat, but it sure helps to burn off calories quickly! Your legs get a workout through kicking, your arms from stroking, and your core is helping to keep you above the water. Even doing a butterfly swimming routine for 30 minutes can burn over 400 calories, and even more if you chose to do it in the ocean instead of a pool!


Skipping forms an integral part of many workouts – both in group fitness classes and solo. It’s a significant calorie burner because you’re jumping continuously – almost as if you are sprinting. Therefore, with 30 minutes of skipping (even in intervals), you can burn as much as 370 calories, if not more.

BodyCombat is an excellent way in which to burn calories, meet new people, and push yourself to the limit. It’s also a unique group fitness class you can do with other people or from your home. However, in between attending BodyCombat, you can also try out any of these activities above to make sure you continue to burn off calories!